Wealth Management

Wealth Management


Every client that we serve is unique

In view of this, we build unique services around them. Our internal and third-party wealth management specialists form an expert core that we assemble around each of our clients. They devote themselves to understanding our clients’ expectations and priorities and work tirelessly to develop long-standing relationships with them.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

The discretionary portfolio management services that are offered by our independent, third-party financial consultants are founded on award-winning and results-oriented investment management, dedicated team members that focus on a client’s personal objectives, and access to proprietary research capabilities.
Successful discretionary portfolio management takes time and dedication. Even with significant knowledge and experience, clients that embark on managing their own financial affairs can find the process to be complicated, lengthy, and laborious. Our team of independent experts has long-standing experience in advising knowledgeable clientele. They assume the burden of the day-to-day decisions involving portfolio management, which frees up our clients’ time to focus on their primary businesses and other opportunities.
This partnership works as well as it does because it is built on a foundation of deep trust between the client and the expert portfolio management team. The consultants and advisors in our network take the full measure of time that is required to understand a client’s specific circumstances and, as needed, to work with in-house and other advisors so that the management of a client’s wealth is seamless.
Our consultants form an experienced team around each client. The team is led by a portfolio manager who has extensive knowledge and experience that meshes with the client’s unique investment portfolio and strategies. The team develops an investment approach that ensures a client’s assets are invested in a way that balances risk and reward in order to achieve goals and to preserve and develop wealth.
The discretionary portfolio management services that our third-party advisors provide are also characterized by bespoke tax-efficient structures that reduce both near-term and inter-generational tax liability on a client’s estate. Other discretionary portfolio managers might implement strict rules and models to achieve tax efficiency. Our advisors universally reject this rigid approach and instead use the intelligence, ideas, and strategies they have amassed from decades of experience to structure investments with the lowest possible tax consequences and with investment choices that satisfy a client’s individual objectives.
Our independent advisors have a proven track record of identifying the optimum investment assets to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients. They actively monitor each client portfolio and we measure their success not by the amount of client business they are able to attract, but by how well they preserve and expand a client’s wealth.
For clients that prefer not to give full discretionary authority to a portfolio manager or want to include specific stocks and bonds in their portfolios in addition to funds, our third-party advisors also offer a hybrid segregated mandate service, under which they screen a client’s investments in-depth and create a strong and unique portfolio in line with the client’s values. This is an ideal alternative for clients that have specific ethical concerns and want to avoid particular industry sectors.
In every case, our independent consultants will design a portfolio that reflects a client’s personal principles. Our investment model and the models offered by our consultants reflect a firm belief that long-term value is best created through responsible investments that show a universal commitment to social and environmental goals.


Northwestern Credit Financial has identified a slate of independent financial professionals whose advisory services provide high conviction investment ideas that are designed to benefit from both long-term changes in the market environment as well as tactical ideas that arise from market gyrations.
Their services are premised on delivering customized solutions that fully consider a client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. They offer each client a dedicated relationship manager who delivers regular updates on their best investment ideas after taking into account a client’s needs and requirements. Ultimately, the client will make all final decisions.

Their services generally include assessments, recommendations for investments, and services that include:

Fund selection, generally using an open architecture fund selection platform

High conviction ideas encompassing equities, debt instruments, ETFs, and funds

Hedge funds and thematic sector ideas

Private equity capabilities

Structured products

Liquidity and cash management solutions

Family Office Solutions

Northwestern Credit Financial understands the complexities that affluent families confront in managing and allocating assets across several generations and through multiple jurisdictions.
Both directly and through our independent third-party advisors, we provide family office services that answer to the individual head of the family and all family beneficiaries and that ensure the growth and preservation of family wealth. We have allied ourselves with experts that have extensive experience in handling wealth in a wide variety of currencies and that understand the importance of competitive foreign exchange rate transactions.
Our experts also appreciate that leaving a lasting legacy is an essential concern for many clients, and they tailor solutions that suit family interests and future plans effectively and efficiently. 
Affluent families have found that a dedicated family office helps them effectively manage the challenges and opportunities that come with prosperity. Our family office clients rely on our services and affiliations with experienced family office consultants to reduce the costs and time-consuming effort involved in that management.

Family office services might span the spectrum from full financial management to helping an affluent family establish and coordinate its own office. Those services include:
Family office governance, education, and succession planning

Effective family offices should be structured like a business with documented policies and procedures that outline ethics, core values, investment mandates, and decision-making. Our independent advisors work with a family to put the best framework in place to help grow and preserve wealth for generations to come.

Financial planning and cash flow analysis
Goals(s)-based investment management
Asset protection and risk management
Estate and charitable gift planning
Tax planning and preparation



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